Personal transformation / Voluntary simplicity

A global shift is happening. As the established economic, political and cultural institutions of our planet meet increasing upheaval, humanity is moving toward the next stage in its history. This new stage is as different from what went before as the Renaissance was from the Middle Ages.

The global shift is happening on many levels.
It consists of:

  • New ways of perceiving the world and the nature of reality read more
  • New ways of seeing ourselves read more
  • New ways of seeing each other, with major
    consequences for how we treat one other
    read more
  • Practices and actions we can undertake to heal ourselves and help the planet read more

The shift is happening in the minds and hearts of many people throughout the world. It’s also happening at an institutional level, with increased impact on the way governments and corporations
treat the environment. The shift is leading to new paradigms in a diversity of areas such as medicine, education, arts, and the media.

Signs of an Emerging Worldview

Inklings of the global shift began as long as one hundred years ago, but the major transformation has been gaining speed since the late 1960s. Signs of the emerging new paradigm over the past forty years are many. Some of them include:

  • Major social movements that started in the sixties - and continue to this day, such as the environmental, civil rights, women’s and peace movements.
  • A widespread interest in Eastern philosophy and practices in the West
  • The human potential movement, with the host of different therapies and personal growth approaches it spawned.
  • The holistic health movement, followed by the emergence of complementary medicine
  • A revived appreciation of indigenous (such as-Native American) worldviews


Global Shift Now
  • The global brain awakening through the
    development of the internet
  • A new physics, and its recognition of paradoxical phenomena such as nonlocality and extra dimensions beyond space-time.
  • Much greater interest in paranormal phenomena, ranging from telepathy and clairvoyance to near-death and out-of-the-body experiences.

The shift is ongoing and will likely continue over the next few decades. During this time, the old materialistic worldview, and its orientation toward exploitation of the environment, socioeconomic competition, and rampant consumerism, is going to diminish. In its place is emerging a new way of life that emphasizes stewardship of the environment, planetary citizenship, cooperation among different governments and peoples, and increased compassion for peoples of diverse backgrounds.

Not an Easy Passage

Many of us foresee that
the shift from the old to
the new paradigm is not
going to be easy. The
converging global crises
that humanity faces:
accelerating climate change;
environmental degradation;
diminishing oil, water, forests,
and arable land; increased
worldwide poverty and disparity between rich and poor; global terrorism, and growing economic instability generated by global capitalism—will likely reach a critical point that results in considerable suffering on the planet. Many feel that humanity’s time for turning things around is short. The length and intensity of future dark times cannot easily be predicted at present, but collectively many of us sense that it is coming.

In all forms of evolution, the old must decay and decompose in order to make room for the new. Breakdown of the old world order is inevitable. Yet the emerging worldview is growing in step with the breakdown of the old, and will likely replace it by the end of the century. Many of us will live through the beginning, and some of us may live to see the completion, of this enormous transformation.


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